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Cute Little All-White KM Kittens available now!

$1000 for blue, yellow or green eyes

$2000 for "rare" odd eyes (two different colored eyes)

Thailand Cats are friendly and love to cuddle   : )

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Chocolate (Suphalak) kittens, and

Kittens and Cats Available:

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All Black (Konja) kittens

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All Kitties have pedigrees, shots, clean bill of health ​and TICA or TIMBA registration papers

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a TIMBA, TICA, & CFA Registered Cattery

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About Us:


We are a responsible family oriented cattery registered by the TICA located in Northeast Ohio. Our kittens and cats come with registered/pedigreed papers and have been vaccinated and have been checked for hearing. 
Our kittens are raised in a family based home with constant attention and animal loving environment.  
Our cats and kittens will give you an affectionate companion that will bring love and joy for years to come.